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Explore both the interior and exterior of one of Chicago’s most famous and beloved historic buildings: The Rookery by Burnham and Root. Venture to the 11th floor for a visit to the architects’ private library—rarely open to visitors.

1 Hour
$20 public
Free for CAC members
209 S. LaSalle St. at the grand staircase

Marvel at the exquisite beauty and grandeur of the highly ornamented brick and granite exterior, which some liken to a Moorish castle. Learn more about the method of construction and how the architects employed a combination of designs to maximize light and air in this early office building.

A discussion of the various renovations and restorations will help to understand the life of a downtown office building. You'll also find out the interesting story of how The Rookery earned its name.

  • Private tours are not offered for The Rookery.
  • Although it's not required, we recommend making reservations in advance for this tour.

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