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“I love Chicago! I love her architecture! And I love to share what I know with visitors. As a CAF volunteer we’re invited on special tours to expand our knowledge and to get to know other volunteers.”

—Beth Najberg, CAF Volunteer Exhibit Host

CAF Visitor Experience Volunteers serve as a welcoming presence and assist visitors as they begin tours, explore exhibitions, or learn and play in our Design Studio.

If one of our volunteer opportunities sounds right for you, please take a few minutes to complete an online application.

Exhibit Host

Exhibit Hosts provide guests with an engaging overview of CAF offerings, as well as specific information about current exhibitions. Volunteers serve in four-hour shifts and help orient guests as they explore the Chicago Model and the other exhibitions found in the atrium of the Railway Exchange building.

What is expected of an Exhibit Host?

  • Familiarize yourself with the priorities of visiting individuals or groups.
  • Be available to highlight specific exhibition components and answer questions.
  • Share exhibition themes, stories and components to engage visitors.
  • Help guests interpret current exhibits through mini-tours.

Visitor Service Volunteer

Visitor Service Volunteers welcome guests to the CAF Shop and Tour Center. They provide world-class customer service and assist the guest relations staff at the ticketing counter.  

What is expected of a Visitor Service Volunteer?

  • Answer questions about CAF’s tours and the organization in general.
  • Answer general questions about Chicago—restaurants, museums, transportation, directions.
  • Ensure guests are checked in for tours promptly and courteously.
  • Pass out will call tickets and collect ticket stubs.
  • Distribute tour stickers and headsets prior to tour.
  • Clean and store headset earpieces properly after each use.

ArcelorMittal Design Studio @ CAF Volunteers

Design Studio Volunteers welcome guests to CAF’s Design Studio.

What is expected of a Design Studio Volunteer?

  • Answer questions about the Design Studio and the projects on display.
  • Maintain records of attendance.
  • Provide assistance with program setup.

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Education Guides

CAF education guides facilitate 90-minute field trips for students (grades K–8). These interactive experiences focus on architecture, design and Chicago history. Sessions incorporate hands-on collaboration tools to foster critical thinking and collaboration skills for young people.

What is expected of an education guide?

  • Facilitate CAF field trips (grades K–8)
  • Be prepared to give field trips during weekday mornings and early afternoons
  • Complete a feedback form for each field trip
  • Volunteer for a minimum of one year (15 or more field trips per year)

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